Hypo Awareness:

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can be as dangerous for diabetics as high blood sugar. Pharma ads can often feel deadly as well.  Our aim was to breathe some life, humanity and dare I say lightheartedness in a pretty dreary subject.  Especially in the first two, here, that compare hypoglycemic conditions to everyday experiences like falling in love...or drinking too much coffee!

To demonstrate the similarity of the symptoms of hypoglycemia – like dizziness or shakiness - to mundane, everyday occurrences like drinking too much coffee or a lack of enough sleep, the two following ads use a side by side comparison.  One photo with a line down the middle.  The key here is that there is NO DIFFERENCE because it is the same shot.

US Branding Project:

There’s a comfort zone where Type 2 Diabetes patients want to be.  It’s in between the highs of high blood sugar and the lows of hypoglycemia.  We named this the “J” Zone.  And branded it with the “J” of Januvia.