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Hi. I'm Dan.

Here's a little bit about me...


BIRTHPLACE:  Canton, Ohio.  Midwestern born and raised. Values ingrained.
EDUCATION:  Recovering from sixteen years of Catholic schooling.  
DEGREE:  Newhouse School of Syracuse University Masters in Communications, 

August 2019. 

University of Notre Dame. BA in English.  

I bleed blue and gold. And Orange
FIRST BIG CITY:  Chicago. My kind of town. 

Love the Cubbies, da Bears, the loop, the people , the lakefront, the snow…well you can keep the snow…

Billy Joel. I’m a piano man myself.
BEST PRODUCTION:   Tommy and Lisa Lombardi. One writer. One Art director. I have fulfilled my biological imperative. Co-produced with my patient wife of 30 years, Teri.
INTERESTS:  I've studied music since I was six years old.  I play piano, guitar and the accordion.  Yes, that's right. Accordion. What else would you expect from a kid growing up in an Italian family? Wanna polka?

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