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From surgical sutures to electrosurgery devices, Ethicon is a medical solutions division of J&J. 

With an audience of surgeons, health care professionals and hospital procurement types, we created multiple vehicles to help sell Ethicon products.


Ethicon Energy is the leading manufacturer of surgical energy devices. We produced this brand anthem  with the mantra, “We start with the end in mind."

Young Docs - Surgicell.jpg

Surgical is the leading maker of hemostats and trusted by generations of surgeons. When an upstart competitor threatened the brand's market position we created a series of legacy ads, reminding doctors of the trust they place in Surgical.

In our Blood - Sugicel.jpg

This print execution above is directed toward surgeons and hospital administrators to announce a new acquisition and a new leadership position for Ethicon Energy products.

ETHADSREV5144 copy.jpg

A series of print ads promote Ethicon’s “Healing First” positioning, connecting their energy devices with the end goal…getting people back to their lives faster.

ETHADSREV5143 copy.jpg
ETHADSREV5145 copy.jpg
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Female surgeons consider themselves surgeons first. Their gender is secondary. We created a campaign honoring these amazing women. With a goal of increasing the visibility of women surgeons.

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