We're #2 but we play harder!  How could we differentiate this classic baby and preschool

brand from Fisher Price, the category bully,

while being out spent 8 to 1?

We asked moms to “Believe in Play” and embrace the natural learning that takes place while playing.  And we brought in an education obsessed foil in the form of Ryan Stiles, who poked and prodded kids to “think about your future” when all they want to do is live for the moment and have fun!

Here, Ryan Stiles confronts a one year old about his "future plans."  The kid has a classic reaction to this pushy educator's question. The strategy is to convince mom to "Believe in Play" because when they are playing they are learning too.

Although learning the finer points of the game may be on Ryan's mind, it couldn't be farther from the minds of our kids.   All they want to do is have fun.  And they do it here, at our foil's expense.

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Despite our science expert's insistence on "teaching" a two year old about friction bonding, all our toddler wants to do is learn  through playing. She finds Ryan very exhausting.